Fees & Policies

All fees stated are per student per lesson. Fees include lesson time and resources used in lessons. Method books and additional sheet music are not included in this, however, as their prices can vary significantly depending on level and publisher. Invoices are sent at the beginning of a period of lessons. They can be sent fortnightly, or for the whole term. Payment within one week of the invoice date incurs a 10% discount on the next invoice.

Private lessons:
25 min - $30  
50 min - $60

Group classes:
25 min - $12
50 min - $24  

Toddler Music and Movement:
40 min - $6 for one, $10 for two in a family group
Concession - 5 sessions for $50

Notice of absence is required six (6) hours before the lesson is scheduled to begin, except in the case of emergency or sudden illness or injury. If adequate notice is given, the lesson will not be charged. In the case of lack of notice due to an emergency or illness, up to two (2) make-up credits will be issued per term. If no notice is received, the lesson will be forfeit.
Lessons can be rescheduled or cancelled through the Student Portal at any time up to six (6) hours before. Lessons are booked in 30 minute slots to allow for transition time at the beginning or end of the lesson.
Please text or email with as much notice as possible if you know you will be late. Five (5) minutes can be made up at the end of a lesson, but any more than that could impact other students.
In the case that the teacher is running late or will be absent, you will be given as much notice as possible and the lesson time will be made-up.

Practice can and should be logged in the Student Portal each week.
Good practice habits will greatly increase your rate of learning and lesson retention. Most children need help to form good practice habits, parents should set a regular time when there are few distractions, and stay nearby so they can listen and offer supportive feedback while the student practices. Short but frequent practice sessions are recommended as repetition is more important than time spent when learning and developing skills. Take good care of yourself (and your voice) by taking 5 minutes or so to warm up at the beginning and cool down at the end of each practice session, using the exercises provided by your teacher.