Dance classes are group lessons* only. Students will enroll in a class based on age group: 5-8 yrs, and 9-13 yrs. Lessons consist primarily of ballet, with introductions to various forms of dance spread over the term. 

Piano, Guitar & Singing

Music theory lessons are offered separately or in conjunction with instrument or singing lessons. These are primarily group lessons, but private lessons are available on request. 

Musical Theater

Music Theory

Musical Theater classes are group lessons* only. Enrolled students will be assigned to a class based on age group if class numbers exceed 8 students. Lessons consist primarily of improvisational and expressive games with history of acting, play-writing, and singing included. 
Please enroll for the Tuesday workshops here.


Instrumentation and singing lessons go hand in hand with music theory lessons. Theory is included in lessons as it is necessary, but to ensure a well rounded knowledge of music theory, supplementary lessons are recommended. These are primarily private lessons, but small group lessons may be available on request. 

All fees include lesson time and resources used, plus 30 minutes of trampoline jump time. 

Private lessons:

25 min = $25 casual / $230 per term

55 min = $45 casual / $410 per term

Group lessons (per student):

60 min = $18 casual / $165 per term 

*Please note that group lessons will not run if less than 3 students are enrolled.