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Sparrow Academy of Performing Arts (SAPA) is an enterprise focused on performance education. It is designed to take children from a beginner level of music and performance knowledge to a moderate level. From this level they can further build their skills and understanding through another institution, or simply enjoy living with better self-confidence, self-expression, and capacity for performance art. Lessons are available on request for a broad range of performance art, including popular styles of dance, music, acting, musical theater, and fundamentals such as theory and music history. Limited spaces available, currently in a small private home studio.

With two diplomas in music performance and production, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Contemporary Music from Ara Institute of Canterbury and over 10 years experience with singing and piano Hannah Snelling provides quality music education. She is motivated by her love of performance and the passion to transfer her knowledge and skills to others so their creativity and talent can shine with confidence.