At Sparrow Academy of Performing Arts, confident expression is the focus.

Learning the fine arts should be enjoyable, building on a solid technical foundation while inspiring creativity and meeting individual goals. SAPA gives students the opportunity to learn and perform in a relaxed environment without the pressure of competition. As a bonus, trampoline time is included so you can get your flips in too.


Learning an instrument has many proven benefits. Playing music, dancing, and performing on stage assist in children's development and enrich the lives of adults. 


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We primarily teach children ages 5 to 12, however adult lessons may be available on request. We guide each and every student through the fundamentals of their chosen learning path.

Everybody can learn

"Performance With A FLip!"

We want to hear from you! Please contact us with any questions and to schedule your free trial lesson. Or use the enrollment form on our Student Portal page.